Kinsman Investment Team

Unlike other investment vehicles, when it comes to real estate investment you need some one professional with local knowledges. We cannot emphasis enough that local knowledges would be one of the most essential elements which make your investment a successful one.

For instances you need to know which area is good for investment in the city, and which areas you should avoid, you need to know the rate of return before you commit your valuable capital, you need to know which contractor to use for repair or maintenance work etc.

Kinsman Realty Investment Team is formed by local team members and partners in London, Windsor Ontario and their surrounding areas who have extensive experiences in real estate investment, from single family home, student housing to larger multi unit buildings. Our strong connection with local partners such as mortgage specialists, insurance brokers, general contractors, plumbers, electricians, heat & cooling technicians, roofers, home inspectors, paralegals, property managers will provide you peace of mind for your investment.

In addition, our affiliated company, Skylink Property Management provides professional property management services to Kinsman’s clients and it has earned great reputation in the region. Kinsman truly offers you one stop solution for all your real estate investment needs in the region.