5 Tips to Find a Perfect Home

24 February, 2019

Everyone agrees to the fact that buying a home is a very expensive investment. It affects your finances and life a lot. While there are many people around you who would comfort you during your hunt for the perfect house, hiring a professional real estate agent would be recommended along.

Hiring an expert agent is important if you want to have an ideal home. With the right kind of knowledge and experience about the market in hand, an agent tries to find a property appropriate for your needs and gives you guidance on the price as well.

The process of finding a perfect home becomes easier when you keep the following things in mind –

Commuting Time

When you have to travel daily from your home to your university campus or your workplace, then distance has to be calculated. It is important that you find a home which is somewhere in the middle and you don’t have to travel for long hours to reach there and come back.

You can do that easily by visiting the locality in the peak hours of morning and evening and do a test run from the house to your desired destination. By doing this, you will have a fair idea of your daily commuting time and decide if it will suit you or not.

Easy Shopping

No one wants to live in a place which is miles away for buying even the basic household things. A sensible buyer would always look out for restaurants, grocery stores, and entertainment areas first and then move onto other requirements.

So, unless you are a loner you should look out for a place which is near to the shopping malls and eateries for easy and convenient buying.

Availability of Basic Amenities

It is no secret that the availability of basic amenities around your property can highly impact your buying decision. People with kids are always concerned for good schooling and having it in your neighborhood is a sigh of relief.

Having public transportation, cafes, hospitals, and other recreational activities in the circumference of a few walking steps cannot be ignored.

Scope of Future Development

Another crucial aspect of buying any property is to know how the area would look like in the next 5-10 years. If it is an under-developed area, then consider checking with a local planning officer and get clarity on any upcoming developments.

If there aren’t any developments planned currently or even in the next 20-25 years, then moving on is a better option.


Tax Rates

With future development of your area, there are huge possibilities of your property value reaching high and an increased rate of taxes being charged on it. The property tax increases over time as the neighborhood develops more and more.

Most of the people plan to go with the mortgage way and paying the installment along with high tax may discourage the buyers to invest in such property.

So, when you choose an area, consider the average rate of property taxes there in the last few years and observe the fluctuation levels. By doing this, you will be prepared before-hand and unexpected raise won’t bother you.

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